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snow board camp switzerland
Snowboard camps in Lenzerheide - for all level of riders

Terrain Park Snowboard Camps

Improver snowboard courses aimed at riders wanting to improve on their freestyle skills. The focus is on jumps and boxes as well as general free style skills on and around the piste. Courses can be tailored for all levels – except learners.

Your riding will improve through continual progression on kickers and boxes in either of the Statzerhorn parks in Lenzerheide. Both parks are found at the top of our closest ski lift - just 200m away! Don’t worry about things being too small or too big, we have the experience to make sure you’ll leave with a bag of tricks you never thought you’d have!  Through daily development exercises, video footage analysis and trick demonstration you’ll be amazed at what is possible with us without ever taking unnecessary risks.

Prior to booking, all riders are expected to be able to comfortably ride down a “black” piste without falling and have a minimum of 1 weeks experience on a board. Please note there are 2 terrain parks (small and medium/large) – but there is no pipe in the ski resort.


Contact us for more information!

No of people: Maximum 6 people – minimum 3


3 hours tuition per day
Accommodation at The Lodge

Course Itinerary:

For 'Park Newbies':

The 4-stage approach to AIR. 
Run in, take off, air time and landing.
Understanding the use of the boards 4 corners to generate a stable base used to take off and land on and the generation of 'pop' from the board.
Movements required to stabilise yourself on the run in and in the air using flex and extension of the legs and introducing basic grabs. We will apply a similar approach to using either ride-on features in the park such as boxes/rails where you'll learn how to safely 50-50 and board slide.


• To master a flat board base and create ‘pop’ from an ‘Ollie’ and ‘Nollie’
• To use the corners of board to introduce rotation (on the piste)
• Master how to ‘press’ on to your nose and tail and then begin spinning (buttering)
• Learn how to ‘pop’ from switch to regular stance
• Introduce the terrain park to you and some small kickers and boxes using the 4 stage approach:
1. The Run in (speed and line)
2. Take off/get-ons (using 'pop' or not)
3. Air time/rail time (leg extention, grabbing)
4. Landing (speed, line, leg flex and angles)

For 'Park Progressors':

So you've ventures into the park before but don't quite know what’s involved in getting better! Well here it is with simplicity, progression and someone to shoe you how it’s done...


Adapting the 4-stage approach to the kicker for more airtime, grabs and rotations.

  • To use the jumps in a park to grab front side and back side airs as well as others...ever heard of a Japan-air?
  • Establish how to use the board’s edges and your body posture to create rotation in the air (180's and 360's)
  • Introduce more technical boxes and rails (without ride-on options) and start to get more technical on them
  • Big is beautiful! We'll talk you through jumping further and getting over the fear of going bigger!
  • This course will involve taking video footage and analysing it.

For Park Dominators:

Your landing jumps, starting to make some solid grabs and throwing down some 1’s and 3’s over small and medium kickers.  Where do you take it from here?  The answer is easy!  Let start getting faster and more tech. FS3 is about perfecting your air by adding some style and maybe a different way of doing things.  How about jumping front-side 3 but doing it from your toe edge? Or buttering into your backside 180 to make it look really stylish? You get the idea!



• To put it down faster, bigger and more stylish
• To introduce pre rotation, late rotation and ‘buttering’ on take off
• Gap to boxes and rails with some more tech slides on-to and off-of.
• Time to get inverted? Back flipping is way easier than you think.




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