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The single most important safety product since the introduction of the transceiver - SM

As of September 07 Snowmotions is an official Black Diamond Retailer of Mountain Safety Equipment specialising in the AvaLung – both The AvaLung integrated backpack as well as the independent AvaLung.

With the real threat of global warming affecting The Alps it is likely that more Avalanches will happen in the future. In recent years the November & December months have been too warm not allowing for a permafrost layer to bond to the mountain slopes. Along with huge temperature fluctuations that we have experienced in the deep winter months of January & February Avalanches are now happening in places that they never used to.

Essentially The AvaLung is used like a snorkel but it breathes in fresh clean air from around the ribs as opposed to breathing in dangerous carbon dioxide filled air from where you have already exhaled. As the majority of Avalanche buried victims suffocate in their own CO2 the use of an AvaLung now allows up to an hour in which to be rescued.

We stress that it is still VITAL to wear a transceiver and obey all the rules of riding off piste. As without the transceiver the buried victim will not be found regardless if the are using an AvaLung or not!


There are two types of AvaLung:

The Backpack that has the “built in“ Avalung or the independent AvaLung that is worn outside your ski/snowboard jacket.

Many skiers & boarders already own quality backpacks & as it is costly & unnecessary to but a new backpack with an integrated AvaLung we recommend purchasing the cheaper independent AvaLung.

If however you are looking to buy a new backpack or are buying the mountain safety gear for the first time it is worthwhile & cost effective to buy the backpack with integrated AvaLung. 

Snowmotions is strongly committed to Mountain Safety & saving lives. We believe that the advent of the AvaLung on the European market is the single most important safety product since the introduction of the transceiver. If you ski or snowboard Offpiste there is always a chance that you may be caught in an avalanche.

We at Snowmotions think it is best to be prepared….

Visit to read all about the product and actual cases where they have saved lives.

We stock 4 Backpacks with integrated AvaLungs:

Anarchist 42 litre Black   CHF360 / £180

Anarchist 32 litre Black   CHF350 / £170
Covert 32 litre Mustard, Gravel or Black  CHF280 / £130
Covert 22 litre Mustard, Gravel or Black  CHF270 / £120

Sizes: S/M  & L/XL

The AvaLung (without Backpack that is worn outside the JacketCHF230- / £99

Sizes: S/M  & M/L   

Buy now: 230 CHF (click below) includes postage


Buy now: £99 (click below) includes postage to UK

Other Safety Equipment Available:

Deploy 3       CHF100 / £50
Deploy 7       CHF110 / £60
Transfer 3     CHF80 / £40
Transfer 7     CHF90 / £45
Lynx Shovel  CHF60 / £25

Quickdraw Carbon fibre Probe 230   CHF120 / £60
Quickdraw Guide Probe  300              CHF110 / £50
Quickdraw Super Tour Probe  265    CHF90 / £40
Quickdraw Tour Probe  190                CHF80 / £30

Snow saw     CHF60 / £28

The Prices do NOT include postage within Switzerland for orders in Swiss Francs. For purchases in Switzerland in Swiss Francs, Email us for a Post Office Einzahlungsschein and we will post one to you then  you can pay directly in to our Post Office Account

The Prices DO include postage to the UK from Switzerland for orders in Pounds.

We are currently building an online shopping cart but until it is uploaded please email to place your order.


NB:Snowmotions currently offers an Avalanche Safety course.



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