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Learn to ski or snowboard

Snowmotions is happy to arrange a ski or snowboard school with the local schools or with our own private instructors in either Churwalden, Lenzerheide or Arosa.


Generally for beginners we advise half days to begin with (2-3hrs) as well as a rest day before moving on to full days tuition.

For those that have never snowboarded we guarantee that if you are relatively fit (and barring injury) you should be able to get down most slopes within 2 to 7 days.

For those learning to ski, a similar time frame is advisable, possibly taking a few more days.


Before learning to ski or snowboard, building up leg strength as well as the upper body is advisable. The two best forms of exercise to target these areas are swimming and cycling.

snowboard lesson

Piste Guides

The best way to get to know a resort is by having a guide for the day. We particularly recommended it on day one of your holiday or in poor visibility in order to familiarise yourself with the area.


Our guides will know how to avoid the crowds, find the best quality snow, select the runs best suited to your ability and hopefully keep you out of the wind and harms way.



Snowmotions Instruction: CHF 60 / hour (up to 3)
Piste Guiding: CHF 40 / hour

Please email us if you'd like to have a ski/snowboard school quote.

f you're interested in buying or renting used snowboards then we have over 30 boards available.


learn to snowboard

An empty learner slope, close to The Lodge


how to snowboard

The perfect setting to give it a go!


We're sure you'll have fun

snow board

One-on-one or group lessons available