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Snowmotions 07/08 Season Review

So the season ended as it began - with meters of snow! More snow fell in April in the Alps than during January & February so we found ourselves riding in dream conditions at the annual end of season weekend at Diavolezza on April 14th. Knee high powder, empty & deserted !

A shame that Easter was on the 23rd of March thus curtailing the normal season length by two or three weeks. Something the religious organisations should fix we think but on an optimistic note Easter 2009 will be on April 18.

Fortunately we welcomed our first Breathingspace Corporate Group & their guests to Lenzerheide in early April & they couldn’t believe their luck  - except for Lizzy becoming the victim of the only leg break of the season, all be it while dancing….

sterling group

The Breathingspace " Sterling" Corporate Group, March 08


Chris, Nick & Mark had a quality powder week in late March in Lenzerheide & set the bench mark for the over 40s in “most off piste kilometres ridden” in a week as well as the longest walk out of the season.


Our frequent & return visitors experienced a season up to the high standards that we are used to and for the first time visitors they discovered an area with few crowds, reasonable prices & limitless Freeriding opportunities.

The Highlights of the season were many, but to list a few:

* The top ups of snow that came just when we needed them.


Diavolezza, April 08


st moritz

Free riding Diavolezza, April 08



Mark - powder hack, lenzerheide March 08




* Discovering new lines from Lenzerheide to Arosa.


back country


* With only  a few Molinis descents from Arosa in 06/07 completing the Molinis run virtually every week in 08.


molinis run


* Having 1st lines in the Carmena pass & discovering a photographers treasure chest.


* Getting an April dump especially for our guests from Zanzibar who had been snowless for years.

.* Seeing a 1st time South African skier progress from novice to demon in 2 weeks! (Bryan)

* Seeing a South African snowboarder master Freeriding in 3 days! (Carine). What is it with the Saffas & snow?


* Watching our resident Royal Stag turn up like clock work at the Langwies Chalet 



* Seeing Fynn (7), Jack (13) and Sam (16) getting progressively more “air”

* Welcoming & Steve Dowle to Graubuenden



* Everything about  & The Safari Tour !!!


swiss pow turn

Another late season powder day, Dave.


simon in deep

Simon, in one of the many "days of the season"


deep snow

Matt in at the deep end... March 08







swiss kicker


Jason, early season fresh tracks

Sonnaspans, Lenzerheide  

The Disappointments were few but those that should be mentioned in the hope that they are not repeated next Season:

* The shooting of “JJ13”, Graubuendens’ Bear…completely unnecessary & obviously a financially based decision. But at least his brother is still alive & troubling no body in The Engadine.

* One broken wrist, one broken ankle, one broken finger & two badly twisted ankles…may you all heal rapidly & come back next year.

* Finding Tschiertschens “Gurgelletsch” closed more often than not and then closing the resort before the end of March !

Our THANKS to our Chalet partners in Langwies, Arosa & Pagig. And to our Hotel partners in Arosa, Lenzerheide, Flims & Diavolezza aswell as RB @ Breathingspace. And to all Snowmotions guides, ski & snowboard instructors.

At the time of writing in early May 08 we are taking bookings for The Alpine summer weeks at the Langwies & Arosa Chalets as well as early reservations for Winter 08/09

The most exciting & significant development for Snowmotions is the intended purchase of our own Lodge in the Lenzerheide region ready to open for Winter 08/09….watch this space !

JRS 5’08

Holly - Diavolezza powder turn

The Schanfigg Valley