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"The journey is the reward."

                              Taoist saying

"It doesn't matter which wave you're on … it's all the same water in the ocean."

                              Surfing Philosophy


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Except in the Alps it’s the same snow on the mountains. That is why we aim to respect skiers and snowboarders in the same way. Sadly there has been a trend since the advent of Snowboarding for both groups to disrespect each other.


In Switzerland we aim to do away with this negative image and simply respect the mountains in which we work and play.

Ski and Snowboard Paradise Switzerland

Snowmotions was founded in 2002 as a British company aiming to provide skiers and snowboarders with the opportunities to enjoy The Swiss Alps as the locals do. In short we provide the “insider” knowledge of where, when and how for your holiday. And to date all of our clients would like to return!


As 2008/09 approaches Snowmotions is now a resident Swiss company but we still cater for mainly English speaking clients be they from Australia, New Zealand, The Caribbean, America, Mexico, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Africa or the UK.


Jason Savidge founded Snowmotions having lived in Switzerland since 1990 and working as a professional DJ had the opportunity to ski and snowboard most of the resorts in the Kanton of Graubuenden. Over the years the locations, connections, language and experience grew to form a company that provides the definitive “insiders guide to Graubuenden.”


Heliboarding in Switzerland


ski 360° diavolezza


Swiss Mountains in Winter


If you are looking for a cheap chance to get to the snow, share a crowded piste and stay in a concrete jungle we recommend going back to the search engines!

What we can confidently offer is un-crowded pistes, guaranteed snow due to the quantity of 2 – 3000 m mountains in Graubuenden and a personalised service, whether for the professional “Back Country rider” or the family with young children having their first try on skis or a snowboard. And as for the scenery, it speaks for itself.


Switzerland has an image of being an expensive country with a high standard of living. The high standard of living is certainly true but the expensive label has changed in the past few years since the advent of the Euro. Austria, France and Italy have become more expensive whilst Switzerland has remained the same. These days the Pound is worth appx 2 Swiss Francs and Switzerland does have cheap lift passes and reasonable alcohol prices in the supermarkets!

The expensive label I would change to “good value for money.”


As for “the journey”, you have to make it first in order to get the reward …


Powder Heaven Lenzerheide